About Us

AnMar International Ltd was established in 1995 as an importer and distributor of bulk vitamin and pharmaceutical raw materials. In 1998, AnMar added manufacturing capabilities - blending and granulation. AnMar has become a reliable supplier of quality ingredients, blends and granulations to companies in the pharmaceutical, nutritional supplement, food and beverage industries.  In September 2014, AnMar was acquired by CellMark Chemicals.

Our Company

AnMar imports a majority of its products from China but also purchases from Korea, India, Brazil, Taiwan and Japan. The product lines carried by AnMar include vitamins, nutraceuticals, amino acids, excipients and OTC pharmaceuticals. Please refer to our product lists for details. Raw materials are stocked in various warehouses in Bridgewater, New Jersey, AnMar's manufacturing headquarters in Bridgeport, Connecticut and Miami, Florida.

In 1998, AnMar established an office in Shanghai, China. It is responsible for purchasing, logistic services and public relations with AnMar's Chinese vendors. Over the years, AnMar's Shanghai office has developed into a reliable sourcing network. Most of AnMar's products are produced in GMP and/or ISO certified plants. AnMar regularly visits these manufacturers to audit their plants and strengthen relationships. AnMar has established an excellent reputation and working relationship with its vendors, thanks to the contributions of its Shanghai Office.

AnMar’s manufacturing facility provides blending, granulation and milling services. AnMar also offers formulation services from concept to completed product. AnMar can utilize its raw materials or customers can send their raw materials for processing. Product formulation, development services & pilot trials are also available.

Our Philosophy

AnMar's philosophy is to offer superior service, excellent quality and competitive pricing. AnMar's service ranks among the best in the industry due to immediate product availability and order processing. Orders are processed on the day of receipt to guarantee prompt delivery to customers in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area. As a means of continual improvement in service, internal service audits of shipments to customers show that 19% of shipments are received by AnMar's customers in the tri-state area on the same day, 46% of shipments arrive the day after order placement and 27% of shipments arrive within 48 hours. AnMar also receives 100% delivery accomplishment from many of its customers.

AnMar sources the majority of its products from major producers which it has bought from for many years. This assures customers receive products of consistent chemical quality and physical properties such as color, particle size, flowability and bulk density. AnMar maintains its competitive ability through streamlined logistics and large purchasing power. This allows AnMar to have some of the lowest costs in the industry, which it passes along to its customers.

Our Process

AnMar International Ltd. provides contract blending and granulation services. AnMar can develop a formula to a customer's specifications or it can utilize its expertise to duplicate an existing blend. For all proprietary blends, a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement can be provided.

AnMar's operations are in compliance with cGMP regulations. Our personnel are trained in standard operating procedures that are written in accordance with GMP guidelines. Our equipment consists of several types of blenders and high- shear granulation equipment - a 30-cubic-foot Gemco blender, 6, 18 and 36 cubic foot ribbon blenders with high-shear mixers, and a Littleford FKM 600 high-shear granulator.

AnMar uses a tray drying method in its granulation process. Its explosion-proof facility allows the use of alcohol for difficult granulation tasks. In its manufacturing process, AnMar has the capability to convert liquids and oils into powders ranging in potency from 25% to 50% of the original material. These products can be used individually or can be incorporated into nutraceutical formulas.

Our Products

Examples of different types of materials that AnMar has granulated for customers are: Amino acids, Ascorbyl palmitate, B-complex blends, Blue-green algae Chlorella & Spirulina, Chondroitin sulfate, DMAE bitartrate, Glucosamine sulfate and hydrochloride, Herbal blends, Rutin, Quercetin dihydrate, Vitamins B2 & B6.

Examples of some blends that AnMar has formulated or made from customers’ formulas are: Beverage blends, Flour enrichment blends, Multivitamin/mineral blends, Power bar blends, Herbal blends of various types, Triturations of Biotin, B12, Folic acid.

The company will be pleased to provide cost estimates for specific formulations, blends or granulations.  All manufactured products are supplied with certificate of analysis, specification and packing slip. Products can be packed into 25 kg cartons or drums and 50 kg drums. Custom packing is available as well.

Additionally, the facility is under Kosher supervision by the Circle-K Kosher supervision service.